Although academics and specialists may argue about what ‘green economy’ means, it is an idea that is intuitively understood by the general public and politicians and has been popularised by the media. Green economy is synonymous with ‘green growth’ though some critics are uneasy about the implications of ‘growth’ Get your copy (PERSPECTIVES PAPER 3)
Effects of drought on crop yields (Shah, 2009). In South Asia the groundwater boom has also largely been pro-poor, with marginal farmers of holdings smaller than 2 ha increasing their groundwater-irrigated area by three times more proportionally than farmers with more than 10 ha of land. Get your copy (PERSPECTIVES PAPER 3)
In all work to improve water resources management and thereby increase water security, it pays to measure the current status and ‘performance’ first, against clear policies. Only then can realistic future scenarios be constructed to guide policy. It is critical to understand the inter-connected “systems” of water resources, by measuring the quantity and quality of tracked Get your copy (PERSPECTIVES PAPER 2)